Posted by: cliftonstewart | March 5, 2018

Winter Evening Stroll

Last week we has a lot of snow and freezing temperatures so…went for a twilight stroll to the old local parish church here in Deeping St James.  My fingers certainly felt it after the session but felt it was worth it for the way the light acted on the snow and surroundings.




Posted by: cliftonstewart | November 6, 2016

Apollo 16 Command and Service Module

Some shots of the Dragon Apollo 16 Command and Service Module in the usual 1/72 scale and pre-built.

I have always found this a fascinating design, deceptively simple but actually pretty hard to capture, thankfully the antenna and small thrusters helped with lighting ideas. Wasn’t sure about the ‘star’s’ though, so used liberally!

Posted by: cliftonstewart | July 9, 2016

Playa Feliz: Gran Canaria Noir

Another holiday destination after dark, this time the Playa Feliz Hotel in Gran Canaria.

A night time stroll when all was quiet to take in the change in mood and atmosphere that sultry nights always bring in holiday hotel complexes as they become more interesting and cinematic.

Posted by: cliftonstewart | June 19, 2016

DMU Fine Art Degree Show 2016

I always look forward to a viewing of the Degree Show by the Final Year Students of De Montfort University. Mostly I work with the first year students in lens and electronic media so it is good to see how they have developed as artist and the variety of work that is produced. This year looks and feel a particularly strong one.


Posted by: cliftonstewart | October 15, 2015

DMU Students A & A location stills

Hi All here are some images from the Art and Algorithms digital arts festival in Florida, the work as displayed on three 50 inch screens, two together another in a different part of the festival. I tried to get an image from each of your work, all of which looked very good and had good audiences.

Posted by: cliftonstewart | July 5, 2015

Tenerife Noir

Another destination after dark, another stroll to see how the artificial lights change the atmosphere of a location and can often make places far more cinematic. This time in and around the Hotel Barceló Santiago in Tenerife.

Posted by: cliftonstewart | July 5, 2015

Tenerife: Sunsets

After a holiday in Tenerife and spoilt for cool sunsets I decided to post them as a single post, great colours and very evocative. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by: cliftonstewart | June 14, 2015

De Montfort University Fine Art Private View 2015: Artworks

Here are a selection of images from the final year show, a good range again, thought provoking and interesting and making full use of all the artists materials and ways of working to hand.

Posted by: cliftonstewart | June 14, 2015

De Montfort University Fine Art Private View 2015

Wow how fast the year passes and another opportunity to photograph the work and the students themselves in a couple of postings, firstly some students in front of their work, had to be quick as it was lively but a great feel and buzz about the occasion.

Posted by: cliftonstewart | April 22, 2015

New York

A recent trip to New York, some great if very cold weather meant clear skies great for some city shots.

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